Heathercroft Meadow is a small-scale flower farm situated adjacent to Grateley Railway Station, in the picturesque village of Grateley in Hampshire. It is run by business partners and friends, Michelle and Jess.

Between us, we have a blend of expertise and passion for horticulture and for investing time and effort into our local communities. We grow fresh, scented, seasonal flowers and sell to both businesses and the public.


Flowers grown by us will be freshly picked and locally delivered, saving thousands of travel miles. Our bunches will be filled with beautiful, natural scents. We use traditional farming methods rather than modern 'quick-fixes' to maintain our pledge to be a sustainable flower farm.


Our mission is to promote the way we think of flowers as we increasingly do about food: valuing fresh, seasonal, locally grown, unusual varieties over mass imports.


What makes us eco-friendly? 

  1. Low Carbon Emissions – flowers grown by us are picked and delivered locally. Locally grown flowers save 95% of the CO2 emissions compared to imported ones.

  2. We use organic methods of growing wherever possible. We want to protect our environment and grow in a way which supports wildlife. 

  3. Low waste: This is something that we have had as a high priority from the outset. We have pledged to be extremely low waste and work very hard not to use any single use items. 

  4. Water capture – we harvest rain water and always use that first.

  5. Enrich the environment around us by planting nectar sources and managing the land in sympathy with the wildlife.

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Tel: 07415 045993

Email: flowers@heathercroftmeadow.co.uk

Heathercroft Meadow Flower Farm



Heathercroft Meadow Flower Farm is a private farm. There is no access for the public.

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