We've laughed, we've cried, we've sacrificed and we've achieved!

We've worked hard to make our dream a reality and it's working thanks to you. You. You are our friends who are always cheering us on from the sidelines. You are our families for granting us with the time and space to allow us to make our little idea a big reality, we love you! You being our followers, for those of you on social media for believing in us and our product and what it stands for. For commenting, liking and sharing our posts. The readers of our little monthly newsletter, for giving us a chance to have a voice in this huge world of commercialism. You being our customers, choosing to come to OUR workshop or choosing to buy OUR product when you could have bought flown in flowers from a convenience store whilst picking up your milk. But you chose US! THANK YOU ALL! It means so much to us and has truly changed our lives and our families' for the better. In January of THIS YEAR (!) we had an idea. We hope you enjoy the pictures below, to see how far we've come.

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