Our Flower Arranger's Bucket is a collection of around 40 stems of coordinating flowers, foliage and fillers, the perfect combination for making your arrangements at home, for gifts or events.


These will make one large bunch or several smaller ones. Subscriptions are available with a discount off the standard price if you are ordering 4 or more separate deliveries of flowers.


Please note that it is the growers choice as to what flowers and foliage make up your bucket. We will do the best to accommodate any special requests but cannot guarantee any particular colour or variety.


Deliveries are on Tuesdays or Fridays unless otherwise agreed. 1 week notice required.

Flower Arrangers Bucket

  • Our flowers come prepared for you to arrange straight away, however, if you are not intending on working with them immediately we recommend that you recut the stems and refresh the water in the bucket. The deeper the water the happier your flowers will be and the longer they will last.

    Ensure that your flowers are always kept in clean containers. Leave in a cool place out of direct sunlight. 

    • Keep your arrangement out of direct light and away from a heat source such as a radiator or fire
    • Keep away from fruit
    • Change the water every few days
    • Do not mix old and new flowers

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