If you would like regular deliveries of flowers then you can subscribe for flowers delivered to your door, or you can collect from the farm. 

You can chose how often to receive flowers, from weekly, fornightly or monthly.

Subscriptions are eligible for a 15% discount* on our bouquets, arrangements and bucket prices. 

Reduced prices for subscriptions:

Flower Arranger's Bucket(s)           £21.25

Large Jar Posy**                        £25.50               

Large Bouquet                           £38.25

Luxury Bouquet                           £51.00

Trio of Kilner Jar Posies                £63.75

For bouquets please leave a water-filled container in a shady spot if there is no-one home to receive it.

*minimum of 3 deliveries

** vases will be collected on subsequent deliveries for refilling